Here at LOBA Motorsport we offer a wide range of services from complete engine rebuilding too many different machining services.  We cater for all Audi, VW, BMW, Porsche, Skoda, Seat and Ford vehicles, if there is a service that you require and we do not list it please still contact us as we do not list every service.

Our services specialize in the following: 
Complete Custom Engine Rebuilding Dynamic Engine Balancing CNC Cylinder Head Valve Cutting 
CNC Cylinder Head Porting and Polishing CNC Deck Cooling CNC Engine Block Boring
CNC Block Probing CNC Head Skiming CNC Block Surfacing
Complete Short or Long Block Assembly CNC 3 Angle Valve Seats Bore Honing and Finishing

All our services are done in a cleanroom environment.


Turbocharger servicing, upgrades and refurbishments are available to a wide range of turbochargers but If you're thinking of having your damaged turbo repaired, why not get a turbo upgrade at the same time for increased reliability and performance.

Our Turbocharger Upgrade Options: 
CNC Re-Profiled Compressor Cover CNC Billet Intakes Fitment of Larger Compressor Wheel 
Modifying the Compressor Backplate Turbine Wheel Cutback Fitting of 360 Degree Thrust Bearing
LOBA Billet Compressor Wheels Fitting an Uprated Actuator CNC Porting & Polishing Turbine Housing
Fitment of Larger Turbine Wheel Uprated Bearing CNC Re-Profiled Turbine Housing

All our services are done in a cleanroom environment.