Project LO750 "HULK"

Projekt LO750 „HULK“

Based on an S4 sedan this project is equipped with the complete range of LOBA products.

Side-mount intercoolers

This car features two one-of-a-kind side-mount intercoolers.

Small slits increase the intercooler's efficiency by generating additional vorticities passing through the rows.

Altogether these intercoolers provide a significantly increased cooling efficiency with even less air resistance in comparison to the factory units.

Assembly of cylinder heads and shortblock

Below are some pictures showing various stages of the assembly of the cylinder heads and the shortblock.


In order to put the immense power and torque to all four wheels we were in need of a very special clutch.

In co-operation with Sachs their very first Kevlar coated clutch came into being. A twin-disc design paired with our own chromoly flywheel weighing only 7 kgs provides clean engagement at perfect slippability.
The mass moment of inertia is significanlty reduced thus contributing to a better engine response.

Exhaust manifolds

The exhaust manifolds are another important component supportive to power output and engine characteristics.

These manifolds are made of cast DIN 1.4848 Nickel Chromium Alloy and differ significantly from cast-iron D5S. The main differences between the two materials lie in the durability.

The design of the entire manifold from the cylinder head to the turbocharger was to generate the maximum output of the turbine, while ensuring the maximum throughput from the design, this was through the arrangement of the tubes and the guide, the collector and the division,and the inner diameter!

The manifolds were designed in CFD to produce in the collector a “swirl” to draw the gases as they augment and then be accelerated. In this way, a rinsing efficiency is generated, which provides a maximum output of the turbine.

The manifolds were designed for maximum engine performance

38 mm internal diameter from the cylinder head to collector then on to 41 mm to the turbo

These are currently the biggest 3 in 1 cast manifold on the market!

For comparison, the stock RS4 oem have an inside diameter of 28mm!

LOBA manifolds are designed for maximum engine performance.

The advantage is not just the chosen material, but also in its construction.

  • Maximum use temperature (temperature in air)
    1.4848: 1.100° C
    D5S: about 950° C
  • Tensile strength
    1.4848 min. 450N/mm ²
    D5S: 370N/mm ²
  • Elongation
    1.4848: A10 () = 8
    D5S: A5 (
    ) = 10
  • Hardness (HB):
    1.4848: 160-220
    D5S: 130-170
  • Weight 4.3 kg and 4.9 kg

The mean roughness (Ra) in the interior meets the quality requirements of the VAG Group.

Manifold inlet: 38 mm
Manifold outlet: 41 mm (44 mm can be opened up to an additional charge)

LO750 Turbochargers

The LO750 turbochargers are our top-of-the-line turbochargers and incorporate an authoritative factor to making HULK produce 750 horsepowers.

To exemplify some of our turbo-technology we have lined up individual components for a few photographs prior to assembling a set of LO750s.

Assembled and bolted to the manifolds

View on the turbochargers in place alongside the LOBA flywheel bolted to the crankshaft

And here is the clutch fitted to the engine block

Final adjustments

3 inch downpipes fitted

LOBA engine mounts to free up some room for the intake pipes

To cover the drastically increased need of induction air we developed a carbon fiber airbox paired with a 95 mm MAF housing.
Carbon fiber was employed not only to make the engine bay look neat – it also helps reduce heat absorption.

In order to flow the increased air volume to the turbos we re-designed the factory Y-pipe and also made it of carbon fibre. The CF Y-pipe is lighter than the factory part, flows more air due to larger inner diameter and also absorbs virtually no heat at all

The entire engine air intake assembled