03 June

New product - LOBA RS6 C6 V10 TFSI Upgraded HPFP

LOBA RS6 C6 TFSI upgrade high pressure fuel pumps

We take two brand new factory OEM pumps and then we make fundamental changes using new components and processes by LOBA.

The LOBA RS6 V10 TFSI high pressure fuel pumps will give a fuel volume increase and can sustain over 140 bar and allow for over 1200HP to be achived ! Perfect for highly tuned motors and will allow better safer operating conditions for users in regions were the fuel quality may not be the best as it will allow them to run the vehicle a little richer to compensate for fuel quality.

Our fuel pumps meets the very high requirements needed for the latest generation of OEM HPFP specifications. The materials we decided upon are of the highest possible quality and for this particular application. Multiple stages of various precision machining, hardening processes, coating processes and quality control inspections characterize these HPFP's.

We've tested in a controlled environment and on the track/road to simulate a large range of dynamic conditions. Doing so was a important part of our mechanical design parameters to ensure the LOBA pumps meets our standard the result is reliability, durability, performance.

Key points:

LOBA specaily heat treated piston and cylinder (at specific hardnesses)
LOBA special DLC coating processes of piston
LOBA special nano ceramic coating of piston and cylinder
LOBA optimized clearances of components
LOBA piston and cylinder are precision matched parts
Each LOBA uprated pump is assembled in a clean room environment
Each LOBA uprated pump is precisely inspected and tested and pre-lubed before packing
Plug and Play
Made in Germany
Supplied are two OEM LOBA upgraded high pressure fuel pumps.

The LOBA high pressure fuel pumps come brand new, pre-assembled with a special chemical anti-wear and anti-friction lubricant for initial start up protection, fully checked, tested and ready for installation.

we recommend fitting is done by a professional, it is also essential that a new OEM cam follower is fitted (Part No 07L-109-311), regardless of the condition or limited use of the old. Failure to do so may cause premature components failure and consequently will invalidate any warranty claim.

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