31 May

New product - LOBA RS3 8 Pot Front Brake Upgrade Kit

Uses a pair of supplied brembo 8 pot callipers (black), with AP Racing 48 Vane Directional rotors for the RS3 (Grooved or Drilled) Bolt On Replacement no other modifications to carry out.

the assembly uses “ Float in the Bell” Technology, float is limited to 0.2mm compared to 0.5-0.7mm float disc systems such as Alcon or less capable AP racing setups

Custom rate developed bobbin springs allow design axial and radial float whilst maintaining OEM levels of noise.

Assembly's proven to demonstrate excellent heat management by design in testing due to axial flow of air from behind the bearing to the centre of the disc via 48 vanes and a 17mm air gap, provision is also made for front face cooling via recessed vents on the reverse bell face.

All components from rotors to washers are available separately this is truly a disc assembly for life, whole life cost is lower than OEM especially for tracked vehicles, Disc finishing is either radially drilled via CNC to avoid hotspots or curved grooved, rebuild and refinishing service facility available. Simply replace the cast iron rotor when needed.

Design requirements was nominally 10-12 track laps at competitive driver speeds, surpassed in initial testing by professional drivers.

Disc Rotor is Supplied assembled
Rotor size is 362mm, thickness is 32mm, complete disc weight 8.7Kg
Uses a pair of supplied brembo 8 pot callipers
Comes with braided steel brake lines
Your choice of Grooved or Drilled Rotors
Brake pads not included
3.2Kg lighter vs complete stock set-up
Removing a massive amount of unsprung weight from the front axle due to being lighter, increasing braking performance, and improving handling.

When used with performance pads and hi-temp brake fluid, you will have a proven and truly fantastic track and fast road set-up.

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