10 July

New product - LOBA 2.0 TFSI CNC Stages cylinder head machining

In the past, cylinder heads were ported by hand and tested on a flow bench. This was the norm. But much has changed since then, and it's not all about flow and bigger is best. Port velocity and making the ports more efficient is very important. Optimizing the ports is a very complex engineering feat. LOBA Motorsport has much experience over many years in this field.

Yes you can keep making the ports bigger and flow more and more air but there is a balance, a correct ratio of velocity to flow to be maintained. Raw CFM numbers are just one of many things LOBA looked at in our quest to make the best ported heads for this platform. Controlling and choosing the geometry of the port must be done with a computer for such critical dimensions. With the aid of computer simulations the optimum design size and shape for each port was determined, flow tested multiple times until we was happy.

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