12. July 2013

New product - LOBA-Sachs Stage 2 & 3 Single-Mass Clutch Kits (1.8/2.0 TFSI/TSI)

A lot has been made of the performance advantage of a LOBA billet flywheel. The fact that the flywheel provides 50% of the friction surface to which the disc mates and consequently half of the holding power. For maximum clutch performance, the billet material is carefully chosen, that surface must have maximum compatibility, flat and true with the disc friction material [...]

10. July 2013

New product - LOBA 2.0 TFSI CNC Stages cylinder head machining

In the past, cylinder heads were ported by hand and tested on a flow bench. This was the norm. But much has changed since then, and it's not all about flow and bigger is best. Port velocity and making the ports more efficient is very important. Optimizing the ports is a very complex engineering feat. LOBA Motorsport has much experience over many years in this field. [...]

31. May 2013

New product - 2.0/1.8 TFSI LO380L upgraded sport turbocharger

LOBA are proud to present the ultimate and first OEM+ Upgrade Sport Turbocharger for the Audi range of longitudinal 1.8 or 2.0 TFSI vehicles. Based on our famous LO400 unit for the transverse 2.0 TFSI. [...]

03. June 2013

New product - LOBA RS6 C6 V10 TFSI Upgraded HPFP

The LOBA RS6 V10 TFSI high pressure fuel pumps will give a fuel volume increase and can sustain over 140 bar and allow for over 1200HP to be achived ! Perfect for highly tuned motors and will allow better safer operating conditions for users in regions were the fuel quality may not be the best as it will allow them to run the vehicle a little richer to compensate for fuel quality. [...]

31. May 2013

New product - LOBA RS3 8 Pot Front Brake Upgrade Kit

Uses a pair of supplied brembo 8 pot callipers (black), with AP Racing 48 Vane Directional rotors for the RS3 (Grooved or Drilled) Bolt On Replacement no other modifications to carry out. [...]

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